PASS Database Days 2013

17th - 19th April 2013Trafo Conference Centre Baden, Switzerland

Swiss PASS Chapter

The Data Zen Master: Working with Windows Azure Data Services

Scott Klein

Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

Get the “how-to” in this deep-dive workshop for understanding and working with many of the Windows Azure Data Services.

This workshop will begin by providing an overview of the different data services available on the Windows Azure platform.

Data Services

We’ll take a deep, individual look at each of the data services, including:

  •  Windows Azure SQL Database,

  •   Azure Tables,

  •   Azure Blobs,

  •   SQL Data Sync,
  •   SQL Reporting Services

Availability and Scale

Dive into the methods and approaches for implementing high-availability and scalability in Windows Azure for both the application and the database, as well as how Windows Azure provides the administration capabilities for our Windows Azure cloud solution. We’ll look at Hybrid scenarios, including the use of SQL Server in Virtual Machines to complement the PaaS solution to leverage the needed Business Intelligence stack

Performance and Administration

We’ll look at performance and query tuning best practices for Windows Azure SQL Database, and how many of the DBA responsibilities apply in a cloud environment.

We’ll wrap up the day by looking at SQL Server in a Windows Azure virtual machine, including how to install and configure High Availability and Disaster Recovery. 

About the Speaker

Scott Klein 

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