PASS Database Days 2013

17th - 19th April 2013Trafo Conference Centre Baden, Switzerland

Swiss PASS Chapter

SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse – Next-Generation Performance at Scale

Roger Breu, Henk van der Valk

PDW Specialists, Microsoft Corporation

2.5 years ago, Microsoft introduced the SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse appliance (PDW); SQL Server 2012 PDW (recently announced) has evolved to fully embrace the new world of data. It can scale out to handle requirements of virtually any size, perform seamless analysis on datasets sourced from unstructured and semi-structured data from Hadoop, and provide next-generation query performance improvements of up to 100 times over legacy data warehouse deployments.

Simple to deploy, SQL Server 2012 PDW is delivered as a pre-built appliance with software, hardware, and networking components already pre-installed. SQL Server 2012 PDW is also engineered to deliver optimal value by providing the lowest price per terabyte of any high-end warehouse appliance offering in the market today.

In this workshop we will show you what PDW is about and why it helps to boost your DWH Performance and eases administration. We will provide an architectural overview as well as many demos to show you the power of PDW. During the workshop day we will cover many customer implementations and insights coming from proof-of-concepts who can help you to evaluate the right solution for your scalable end-to-end BI/DWH platform including integration of “Big Data”.


9:30-10:25 Workshop Part 1 – Introduction and Overview

-          The Big (Data) Picture – Microsoft end-to-end platform

-          Introduction to Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)

-          PDW’s scalability principle – start small and grow as you need

-          Architectural Overview and Feature Highlights

10:45-12:30 Workshop Part 2 – PDW in action

-          First glance on PDW

-          The Admin Console

-          Walkthrough database and table setup

-          Load demonstration

13:50-15:25 Workshop Part 3 – PDW in real world use cases

-          How is PDW used in production setups

-          Insights from proof-of-concepts

-          Best Practices for scaling your existing SQL Server Data Warehouse with PDW

15:45-17:30 Workshop Part 4 – Wrap-up and Q&A session

-          Typical signs to consider PDW as the evolution of your existing Data Warehouse environment

-          Some numbers to remember (performance/costs)

-          Demos on your requests

-          Q&A

About the Speakers:

Roger Breu 

Henk van der Valk