PASS Database Days 2013

17th - 19th April 2013Trafo Conference Centre Baden, Switzerland

Swiss PASS Chapter

Application Modernization: Hard-Core Windows Azure Development Immersion

Silvano Coriani, Paolo Salvatori

SQL CAT Team, Microsoft Corporation

Design an efficient and reliable Data Access Layer for Azure-based solutions

The goal of modernizing the data access layer that have to work transparently with SQL Azure and SQL Server on premises is critical to achieve both performance and reliability, without giving up manageability and developer productivity. In this session we'll talk about real world scenarios considering typical application patterns and technologies like ADO.NET and Entity Framework, and solving issues like connection reliability, chattiness and other performance related problems.

Design for operations, solution monitoring and troubleshooting

Operating a cloud-based application at web scale is one of the most challenging transitions that customers and cloud service vendors have to implement when moving from on-premises to the cloud. In this sessions we describe how to orchestrate a new or existing solution, and create a Telemetry system that will help operations to keep things up and running.

Building hybrid solution with the Service Bus

The Service Bus is an Internet-scale Service Bus that offers secure, scalable and highly available connectivity and messaging capabilities. The Service Bus is part of Windows Azure and is designed to provide connectivity, queuing, and routing capabilities not only for the cloud applications but also for on-premises applications. In November 2012, the Service Bus for Windows Server was released. During this session we'll see how you can take advantage of both the cloud and on-premises version of the Service Bus to build a new class of hybrid solutions to connect heterogeneous systems that live in different application domains and data centers, both in the cloud and on-premises.