PASS Database Days 2013

17th - 19th April 2013Trafo Conference Centre Baden, Switzerland

Swiss PASS Chapter

As Database, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Professionals ourselves, we've designed DatabaseDays 2013 to be the one, must-attend conference of the year. We believe the cost to attend is paid back many times over through the wealth of learning, connections, and rich content we will gain in the 3 action-packed, exhausting, and completely exhilerating days.

To help show the value of attending DatabaseDays 2013, the table below illustrates key attendee goals and how DatabaseDays 2013 meets these needs.

Your Goals  How DatabaseDays 2013 Delivers
Learn new skills and strategies to optimize SQL Server Over 45 expert-led technical sessions–plus deep-dive pre-conference seminars covering all aspects of SQL Server. Be immersed in all things SQL Server, for less than the cost as of a training course in just one topic.
Solve high-priority, mission-critical SQL Server issues The CSS “SQL Clinic” and the Expert "SQL Kitchen" provide direct access to Microsoft developers, service and support, and MVPs. Get the answers you need right away. This area alone is worth the price of attendance.
Gain SQL Server best practices DatabaseDays 2013 is the only conference that brings together hundreds of SQL Server MVPs, Microsoft team members, authors, experts, and peers for 3 days of SQL Server-focused learning, sharing, and networking. Network and share best practices with your peers and grow both knowledge and expert contacts.
Keep skills up-to-date Sharpen your edge and stay current on SQL Server topics and technologies.
Improve the return and performance of our SQL Server environment Learn strategies and skills that help improve the ROI of your SQL Server environment such as virtualization technologies, performance tuning and scaling, better hardware utilization, simplified management, effective business intelligence, and more. 
Increase the knowledge and skills of the entire team Take advantage of the group discount – send 5 employees and save. Additionally, gain access to all session recordings for year-round learning on all aspects of SQL Server.
Identify and meet potential customers or employees For consultants, vendors, and those looking for new career opportunities, DatabaseDays 2013 is the perfect environment to meet and impress potential new customers and employers. For those employed at an organization, meet the top SQL Server minds that can help with any future needs. 
Understand key SQL Server add-ons that will increase our efficiency and productivity The DatabaseDays 2013 Expo Hall brings together the top SQL Server tools and services under one roof. Get hands-on demos and information that would otherwise take days or weeks of research to gather.
Stay ahead of the curve–gain strategic insights Be among the first to learn about new advances, roadmaps, and plans for SQL Server. Get current on what’s important now and going forward.
Build your network Breakfasts, lunches, and evening receptions are included with your registration and are designed to offer dedicated networking opportunities. Go further and become a PASS volunteer, Ambassador, or speaker!
Get new ideas, get re-invigorated, and be inspired! DatabaseDays 2013 is all about meeting and talking with people, sharing issues and solutions, and gaining knowledge that will make you a better SQL Server professional. Get new ideas that leverage and optimize SQL Server to improve your business.